Following is a list of suggestions made by the hugely experienced, brilliant, mince-no-words patriot who transformed the Indian Election Scenario. An IAS officer who has seen it all and a former Chief Election Commissioner of India who rankled the politicians so much that they even held a special session of parliament to get rid of him. It cannot be done piece meal he says, A comprehensive approach is necessary… read on…

i)                The government should declare by appropriate resolution of Parliament that there would be ZERO TOLERANCE TOWARDS OFFENSES INVOLVING ALL PERSONS OF THE FEMALE GENDER (There is no need to tie this up children whose protection is itself important and must be dealt with separately)

ii)               The nature and kind of offenses against women must be set out … this will include all cases of offense against women including but not restricted to harassment at the work place, domestic violence on the female, indecent advances, female foeticide, Offensive physical contact, attempt to outrage modesty by any means—in writing, visually or otherwise, Sexual assault, sexual assault aggravated by violence. Definitions already exist in the law but these must be pulled out and reiterated…

iii)             Anyone who practices female foeticide including but not restricted to parents, other relatives, doctors and medical staff must be jailed for life. Societies in which the female-male ratio has fallen significantly must receive special attention

iv)             Special attention should be paid to the needs of the girl child in schools and colleges, including but not restricted to privacy, toilets etc.

v)               Special attention should be paid to the safety and security of the girl student while traveling to the school/college in transport provided by school/College

vi)             Any attempt at moral policing by telling girls what to wear and not wear is likely to be objected to and must be replaced by a sustained campaign in the print media, radio, television, and the net, which aims to educate the girl of the dangers of indecent attire. A flash in the pan advertisement will not do, rather months of sustained campaigning is necessary

vii)           Among the many free things the Government is offering to students, one of the important items is the provision of free clothing to children from economically weak families in order to enable them to have decent attire…

viii)          While there is no attempt in this note to suggest censorship, an authority should be set up which will scrutinize and weed out titillating picturizaiton on TV, the net and in the movies… it is not the intention to suggest new censorship but persons who broadcast must warn that watching such program needs parental guidance and should be telecast at appropriate hours of the day.

ix)             Policing of public safety must be increased

x)               Policeman on beat duty should re-appear on all roads and streets. Public spaces, especially bus stops, metro stations etc. must receive continuous visits of the beat constable…

xi)             All places frequented by the females must be the target of special focus of beat duty. This will particularly include, public transport either run by government operators or private operators, suburban trains, metros, buses and trains…

xii)           All drivers and conductors must have photo identification cards. And anybody who operates a public transportation vehicle including taxis auto rickshaws should not be allowed to do so unless he carries a public badge.

xiii)          Person who operates public transportation vehicles without badges must not only be disqualified from further operation but must be subjected to punishment of imprisonment

xiv)          All public transportation vehicles must receive particular attention of the beat policeman after dark

xv)           Starting at a reasonably early age say 8 or 10 and without limit of upper ages, all females must be taught self-defence arts like judo, Karate etc. and this must be the responsibility of the local police station to organize this periodically; but attendance must be made free and of their own will…

xvi)          All women who feel confident of using them should be supplied with modern self-protection devices such as stun guns, appropriate chemical sprays, and a whistle to attract attention.

xvii)        Women must be trained in the use of the equipment… wherever this is possible this can be organized through colleges and schools…

xviii)      The silly plea that law and order enforcement is affected by the diversion of large amount of policemen to VIP security must cease once and for all. VIP security must be manned not by diversion of law and order policemen but by separate persons sanctioned and recruited for this purpose…

xix)          Any indecent advances or outrage of modesty at workplace must be treated with the greatest severity and the head of the office must be held personally responsible to ensure that it does not happen inside his office… failure to ensure this must result in the punishment of the officer concerned.

xx)           Whenever a case of sexual offense is reported, the police officer concerned must have the responsibility of filing an FIR within 24 hours and filing a charge sheet within 30 days… Every single case involving delay beyond this must be investigated by the Superintend of Police or equivalent in charge of the area. Failure to do so must result in the punishment of the police officer starting from the SP downwards. Every failure to obtain convictions in cases of sexual assault must be dealt with great gravity and a police officer against whom repeated cases of such failure appear must be downgraded or removed from service.

xxi)          Request must be made to the High Courts to use the inherent powers available with them to direct subordinate Courts to conduct trials on sexual offenses on a no delay basis. The High Courts may be requested to set up an agency to review promptness of disposal and visit delays with the greatest severity

xxii)        A listed set of cases of assault on women must be subject to review by the High Courts concerned and directly without going through various levels of appeal. Such review must the taken by the High Court suo-motu and the law must provide that in appropriate cases the High Court may enhance the punishment given by the lower court. This may be done by the High Court suo-motu or in appeal by the victim, on public appeal, or appeal by the prosecution

xxiii)      The committee will no doubt consider the question of enhancing punishment including the death penalty in cases of great gravity, but care must be taken to ensure that it does not lead to the accused killing the victim to destroy evidence

xxiv)      The committee must examine whether it is legally possible in appropriate cases of aggravated assault for the judge to order that the accused is medically rendered incompetent to practice sex. (what is meant is not castration)

xxv)        Sexual offenses must be made non-bailable and the preventive detention laws must be used to keep assailants in custody….

xxvi)      The 19th of every month (the day on which Nirbhaya was attacked) must be marked as a women’s safety day for the next several months until an atmosphere of safety returns to women.

xxvii)     Those convicted for offenses against women will automatically be disqualified from offering their candidature for elections to the Panchayats, the Panchayat Samitees, Zilla Parishads, the City Corporations, the State Legislatures or the Parliament.